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Re: Not enough environment space

At 12:16 PM 4/5/2001, Tom Weichmann wrote:
>I am developing a Win32 easy installer for Octave - for people who do not 
>want/need a full install of Cygwin.  The installer that I am using installs a 
>bunch of Cygwin stuff, then executes a .bat file which sets up the mount 
>points and untar-gz's the octave tarball.  This works just fine on *SOME* 
>win95/98/ME/NT/2K machines, but also fails on *SOME* win95/98/ME/NT/2K 
>machines.  When it fails it is due to a 'not enough environment space' error 
>generated then executing the .bat file.  Does anyone have any idea how to 
>remedy this?

I would've sworn there was an FAQ for this but at least I can't find it 
now.  Oh well.  A quick search of the mail archives turned up one of the
many times this has been asked and answered.  Take a look at:

BTW, this problem occurs on Win 9x machines.  Never heard of it on an 
NT-based platform, unless perhaps you're using on NT too
somehow/for some reason.

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