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Re: Compiler option questions

On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 09:12:44PM -0700, Larry wrote:
>I have downloaded and installed the Cygwin package and it works despite my
>having NO knowledge of Unix or C. My objectives are VERY limited. I want to
>learn PowerPC assembly language and I thought that doing some C compiles and
>looking over the assembly source output would be helpful. So, all I want to
>do is make the GCC compiler generate PowerPC assembly code to some file that
>I can look over. In checking the documentation it seems that I can tell the
>compiler to generate code for a Powerpc machine by using the "-mpowerpc"
>parameter. It also seems that I can tell the compiler to quit after
>generating this code by using the "-s" parameter. I'm entering these options
>on the command line like:
>"gcc hello.c -mpowerpc -s", but it isn't working. Thanks for any help.

You can't do this.  If you want to build PowerPC binaries, you have to find
a compiler and linker that is designed to do this.  The Cygwin compiler is
built to produce Windows executables.

You can build a PowerPC cross-compiler but it is not an easy task.
Unfortunately this is not the forum for learning how to do this. would be one place to start.


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