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Re: Bug in Cygwin - networking api ??

You realize that the email that you quoted comes from almost two years ago,


On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 04:19:52PM -0700, John Paul Morrison wrote:
>Did you ever get any replies to this? I was trying to compile traceroute in
>the latest
>Cygwin and couldn't get it working. 
>I did a little bit of digging on the web, and a couple sites said that 
>either winsock itself was broken for raw sockets, or you had to dig deeper
>into the windows API (reverse engineer tracert.exe and icmp.dll?); 
>another site added that in Windows NT only administrators could create raw
>sockets (and gave a registry key to disable the behaviour). 
>Bug in Cygwin - networking api ??
>Subject: Bug in Cygwin - networking api ?? 
>From: "Ashish C. Nagre" <> 
>Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 10:56:46 -0700 
>Organization: Cisco Systems 
>I  have come across two important problems with the cygnus socket
>1. A raw socket is opened with the following call:
>but when I used "snoop" to look at the packets being out on the wire,
>the protocol field contained in the packets was 255 (RAW)
>On changing the above socket call to 
>It put the correct value that was expected.
>2. When packets are sent to it, they are not picked up (or not being
>given to the application for some reason)
>The socket calls used to wait for a packet are as follows: 
>	fd_set fds;
>	struct sockaddr_in *fromp;
>	int fromlen = sizeof (*fromp);
>	FD_ZERO (&fds);
>	FD_SET (sock, &fds);
>	if (select (sock + 1, &fds, NULL, NULL, &wait) > 0)
>		cc = recvfrom (s, (char*)packet, sizeof(packet)), 0,
>			(struct sockaddr *)fromp, &fromlen);
>Is there some problem with the implementation of the select call ?
>Does some special care have to be taken ?
>The code that is being used has been around ('around' as in 'being
>used') for a long time, and is an important application on all UNIX
>systems. (To those who are curious, it is the traceroute by Van
>For now, the strange behaviour of this code seems to me like a bug(s) in
>the implementation of the networking API in cygwin.
>I will be very grateful to anyone answering these questions.
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