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Re: port of omniorb

> > Which pthread draft version do we have on Cygwin?  At least 8, I
> think...
> > Robert?
> The original work - I have no idea.

Me neither. I was just guessing. Assuming version 8 seems reasonable to me
(pthread_attr_setdetachstate is/will be implemented in Cygwin and
pthread_yield is called rather than sched_yield from OmniORB).

> I'm working of the documentation at (searching on
> google is the easiest way to a good entry point). They don't mention
> draft versions there.. I'm goping to have to dig up the current IEEE
> specs I can see.

Hmm, as I mentioned before I'm not very familiar with pthreads but somehow I
remember seeing the term "draft" in this context more than once. HP-UX
headers? Dunno. I'll do a quick search on the HP-UX and SunOS systems at
work tomorrow.

> If the project uses autoconf...

Nope. OmniORB doesn't use autoconf. You have to select your building system
manually. In case of Cygwin, you have to write your own makefile or derive
one from the existing ones.

Personally, I don't think that the Python issue (which was the start of this
thread) is the biggest problem in building OmniORB as it is shipped with a
prebuilt Python (with or without thread support, that shouldn't matter since
it is needed only for building OmniORB itself and the IDL compiler omniidl
uses it as a backend for output). It has always been the incomplete pthreads
or, mixing Cygwin/POSIX and Windows stuff. I might be wrong since it's about
nine months ago I tried to build OmniORB with Cygwin.
Bruno, could you try it out with the prebuilt Python?
I will make another attempt at compiling OmniORB as soon as Robert has put
in the missing parts into pthreads.


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