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Re: problems with make in cygwin related to time zone and recent changeover to DST

It sounds like you're running into the MS April Fools bug:

Noel on 2001.04.03 20:19:59

cc:   (bcc: Noel L Yap)
Subject:  problems with make in cygwin related to time zone and recent
      changeover to DST

  i'm seeing some very strange warnings from 'make' about files having
time stamps that are in the future.  the amount that they are ahead is
just about exactly an hour.  this occurs even after i delete all the
files made from the makefile and touch all the source files involved, so
it seems to be a bug in the handling of the time zone.
  i have never seen this error before and have used cygwin for a long
time, so perhaps it's a new bug?  or at least a bug that seems to be
active now.
  i'm using the latest release of cygwin--cygwin.dll is version 1.1.8
and i just grabbed all the package updates today.  also, i'm in the
eastern time zone and windows is set to "automatically adjust clock for
daylight savings time".
  i tried setting the TZ variable that unix likes, but cygwin hated it.
the 'date' program started giving me the wrong time until i reset the
variable.  TZ is used internally by microsoft's localtime functions, so
if cygwin is relying on those functions _and_ processing the variable,
then that might explain the problem with 'date'.  in any case, setting
TZ did not alleviate the effects of this timezone related bug in make.
  thanks for any help you can provide, and let me know if i should enter
this as a new bug someplace...

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