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RE: How to (dynamically) control Unix/Dos PATH-like variable tran slation

At 10:26 AM 4/4/2001, Glen Coakley wrote:

>Sorry, it's not dead yet but hopefully this will kill it. 
>Chris, I am not sure which programs you are referring to here. Do the
>standard file/path handling functions (open, fopen, etc.) that are in
>cygwin1.dll cope with either type of path? I think you may have some
>information here that the list at-large doesn't.

Really?  I find exactly what Chris has stated here:

See the first line.

>Other users will have to try their OS to find out where else this works.
>but, I just tried using POSIX paths on my Win2000 box and they work just
>fine in cygwin or the Command Prompt. My cygwin root is d:\cygwin. I can
>reference this from a Win2000 command prompt window or a Cygwin bash shell
>as either //d/cygwin or /d/cygwin. 

Not in general, although you can set up your system so this could work.
In any case, Windows apps don't understand the Cygwin mount table so if
the path you specify relies on that, it's not going to work at the Command
Prompt.  Also, although the underlying Win32 APIs understand / and \ as
path separators, Command Prompt only recognizes \.

>So, for those that have the latest MS annoyance (OS) always using the POSIX
>path should work everywhere.

Well, perhaps for you.

Consistent with the opening statement of your email message, let's kill this 
discussion.  Anyone curious about how Cygwin handles paths w.r.t. Windows 
inter-operability can find the information that's been discussed so far (and 
more) in the User's Guide and some in the FAQ as well.

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