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RE: How to (dynamically) control Unix/Dos PATH-like variable translation

Sorry, it's not dead yet but hopefully this will kill it. 

Chris, I am not sure which programs you are referring to here. Do the
standard file/path handling functions (open, fopen, etc.) that are in
cygwin1.dll cope with either type of path? I think you may have some
information here that the list at-large doesn't.

Other users will have to try their OS to find out where else this works.
but, I just tried using POSIX paths on my Win2000 box and they work just
fine in cygwin or the Command Prompt. My cygwin root is d:\cygwin. I can
reference this from a Win2000 command prompt window or a Cygwin bash shell
as either //d/cygwin or /d/cygwin. 

So, for those that have the latest MS annoyance (OS) always using the POSIX
path should work everywhere.

Glen Coakley, Sr. Software Engineer
MQSoftware Inc., (763) 543-4845
Have you ever wonder what happens when you run "rm -rf / " but been afraid
to try it?

> From: Earnie Boyd []
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > 
> > Also, most Cygwin programs should be able to deal just fine 
> with Windows
> > style paths.  So, just use those.
> > 
> Just want to emphasize this point.  I think it was missed.
> Earnie.

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