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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: OpenSSH-2.5.2p2-2

"Charles S. Wilson" wrote:
> 2.5.2p2-3 shows some improvements over previous versions w.r.t sftp. (At
> least in my case -- I never could get it to work properly, before).
> Now, ssh, scp both work fine (no change from previous)
> sftp> put and get work fine
> sftp> ls hangs the client (and a "sftp-server.exe.stackdump" file is
> created on the server side).

This report ^^^^^ was for the server and client on WinNT4.0sp1, using
the April 1 cygwin1.dll (basically, I started the server and then did a
loopback ssh-client connection, using the machines actual IP address,
not 'localhost').

However, with the server and client on W2Ksp1 with the April 1
cygwin1.dll (again, loopback client connection), with identical
configuration, sftp (and scp and ssh) work just dandy.  sftp> ls, put,
get are all fine.

sftp client-WinNT4sp6 connecting to sshd-W2Ksp1: works fine

sftp client-W2Ksp1 connecting to sshd-WinNT4sp6: hangs on sftp> ls.

So, it seems that it's a problem with the sshd daemon on WinNT4.


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