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Re: How to (dynamically) control Unix/Dos PATH-like variable translation


   I'm sorry I got you to such state of frustration ... And since I got a
color xterm, I really can see your face turning blue ! ;-)

   OK, I get the msg. There is only a couple of us here on the list that
would really like to see this feature, and another had settled for some
workarounds. We are all in the cross-platform making business, so yup, it
appears that we are somewhat smaller cygwin audience, and our voices are
not too strong ;-)   ( But I sure was trying to be persistent ! ;-)

   Anyway, enough was said, I hope I didn't waste too much of your time
just writing replies to me, but overall I think this was reasoably
healthy discussion.

   So I'm gonna roll up my sleaves, and go for it. I have some deadline
Thursday, so I won't have much time untill then, but would you please
point me to the right files, maybe even function names ( I don't dare to
ask for line numbers ! ;-), so I can look around and get a bit familiar ?

   On the issue of processing cmdline args, I too agree that that would be
a very daring, and perhaps arogant, step to make. But if it is properly
isolated, so that only people who really want this would benefit, would
you please reconsider including it ? If not as straight "compile-me-in",
than at least as an option to ./configure? (./configure --auto-argx-xlate)

   Thank you again for your valuable time,


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