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sshd daemon service


I've been wrestling with the config of ssh/sshd for two days. I would like
to verify the following based on the documentation which came with Cygwin:

Install locations
1) The following files should be in and reamain in: /usr/bin
2) The cygwin1.dll should reside in: C:\Winnt\cygwin1.dll
3) The cygz.dll should reside in: C:\Winnt\cygz.dll
4) The inetd.exe should reside in: C:\Cygwin\usr\sbin

Registry Config
Create a Value under HKLM\Software\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin\Program Options
with the following info:
	value name: binmode_tty_netsec
	data type: REG_SZ
	string: C:\Cygwin\usr\bin\inetd.exe

System Variable
Created a variable with the following value:
	Variable: SSHD
	Value: C:\Winnt\Cygwin1.dll

I've done the above including running ssh-host-config with the options

I've also renamed sshd as in.sshd and tryed to reboot however I cannot seem to get it to start automatically as a service.

Can someone please tell me what I'm missing? 

Much thanks in advance.


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