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RE: port of omniorb

> I too briefly looked into building a Cygwin omniorb.  But, 
> when I realized
> that they did not support the CORBA 2.3 spec (i.e., POA) and that they
> did *not* use autoconf, I elected not to spend the time to attempt the
> port.

OmniORB 3 supports POA. However it is not yet completely CORBA 2.3
compliant. In the README they say:

omniORB3 is not yet a complete implementation of the CORBA core. The
following features are not supported in the current release.

- Support for IDL type longlong, longdouble, wchar, wstring, fixed,


> I found it ironic that they required Cygwin to build their Win32
> version but they did not have a Cygwin version.  Searching their
> archives, I found that someone asked how to build a Cygwin version in
> the past.  Unfortunately, no one ever responded.

They do not require a complete Cygwin to build. They require gmake, a
/bin/sh and  some tools (cp, mv, rm, I think). They provide wrappers around
the MSVC compiler, archiver and linker.

I believe the main reason that there isn't a Cygwin version of OmniORB is
that Cygwin's pthread support isn't finished yet. They use native Windows
threads instead. There's a lot of #ifdef __WIN32__ stuff in the sources.
But, you can't compile it with the -mno-cygwin option, because it's written
in C++. And this is turn the reason why you can't use the precompiled
OmniORB libraries for linking with GCC (different name mangling schemes).
So if you'd carefully tweak those #ifdef's I think you could build a Cygwin
version. I tried it once but gave up...

Once the Cygwin pthread implementation is stable one might give it a try,
starting off with makefile.


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