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Re: sftp

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 03:31:39PM +0200, Jacek Trzcinski wrote:
> Hi !
> I have problem with sftp. After logging to my system, no matter as
> who(user root or user jacek) I got prompt
> "sftp>" but after typing "ls" I got directory content and it ends with
> error "couldn'r read packet: Connection reset by peer". Further, I can
> check that in home directory of user who tried to use sftp , there is
> file named "sftp-server.exe.stackdump" which of course contains register
> values and so on...
> Where is error ? I add, ssh client for any user work OK and sshd is
> executed from inetd.

Dunno. You will have to debug that problem.

> BTW new packets. On mirrors nearest me I can not find announced on
> cygwin list (new ssh for example).
> New openssh-2.5.2.p2 I took from and compiled it but I would
> like to get new documentation concerning cygwin release of this packet

Feel free to use another mirror. Some mirrors are as overloaded as was.


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