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Re: Inetd & stdout partly solved (was inetd vs. cl)

Rui-Tao Dong wrote:
> I think I know what the problem is, although I haven't figure out the
> right place to fix it yet.
> I re-built XEmacs (w/ X support) and it produced a little utility
> called runemacs.  If I call runemacs to start XEmacs from a telnet
> session w/ inetd running as service, all stdout gets redirected to my
> emacs buffer.  If I start XEmacs directly, some stdout goes to a DOS
> window.   I checked the runemacs source and found the following
[code snipped]
> Apparently, the wShowWindow flags was set in a CYGWIN window, but not
> from inetd started as a service.

I wasn't aware that runemacs (aka run.exe) could be used for this
purpose.  Cool.  FWIW, "run" contains almost identical code (*) and is
available standalone from


(*) I took the runemacs code from XEmacs(21.0ish) and added lots of
stuff.  Then, I *think*, my version was absorbed back into
XEmacs(21.1ish).  Then the whole runemacs thing was dropped in the 21.2
series because 21.2cygwinXEmacs builds as a GUI (no console).

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