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Inetd & stdout partly solved (was inetd vs. cl)

I think I know what the problem is, although I haven't figure out the
right place to fix it yet.

I re-built XEmacs (w/ X support) and it produced a little utility
called runemacs.  If I call runemacs to start XEmacs from a telnet
session w/ inetd running as service, all stdout gets redirected to my
emacs buffer.  If I start XEmacs directly, some stdout goes to a DOS
window.   I checked the runemacs source and found the following


  memset (&start, 0, sizeof (start));
  start.cb = sizeof (start);
  start.wShowWindow = SW_HIDE;

  sec_attrs.nLength = sizeof (sec_attrs);
  sec_attrs.lpSecurityDescriptor = NULL;
  sec_attrs.bInheritHandle = FALSE;

  if (CreateProcess (NULL, new_cmdline, &sec_attrs, NULL, TRUE, 0,
		     NULL, NULL, &start, &child))

Apparently, the wShowWindow flags was set in a CYGWIN window, but not
from inetd started as a service.


	Dr. Rui-Tao Dong		
	Sr. Scientist			Newport Corporation		1791 Deere Avenue
	(949)253-1679(Voice)		Irvine, CA 92606 USA

>>>>> "Rui-Tao" == Rui-Tao Dong <rdong@n...> writes:

 Rui-Tao> I stuck with MSVC compiler from time to time.  I normally
 Rui-Tao> export a makefile from VC and call nmake from (X)Emacs,
 Rui-Tao> which then call cl and friends to do the compilation.

 Rui-Tao> If I start inetd from a cygwin window and telnet into the
 Rui-Tao> box, cl output to my compilation buffer.  If I start inetd
 Rui-Tao> as a service and telnet in, cl outputs to a DOS window.

 Rui-Tao> I tried to play with tty and notty setting w/o any success.

 Rui-Tao> I am using CYGWIN 1.18 and inetutils-1.3.2.

 Rui-Tao> BTW, openssh-2.3.0p1 doesn't like inetd (even with the -i
 Rui-Tao> switch).  I'll try a more recent version.

 Rui-Tao> -- Regards,

 Rui-Tao> 	Dr. Rui-Tao Dong Sr. Scientist Newport Corporation
 Rui-Tao> rdong@n...  1791 Deere Avenue (949)253-1679(Voice) Irvine,
 Rui-Tao> CA 92606 USA (949)253-1240(Fax)

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			Rui-Tao (x31679)

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