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Re: netdb.h

Hey, Gerrit, lay off the sarcasm.  Larry is a pretty helpful guy, as you
probably know.  He probably didn't KNOW the answer to your question --
and so pointed you in the right direction so that you could find out. 
He *probably* did this because:
  a) the tradition on this list is "don't post if you don't know the
answer" BUT
  b) that tradition leaves a lot of people asking:

"Hey, I posted a question 37 minutes ago and nobody answered.  Doesn't
anybody read this list anymore?"

Which is a pretty asinine response, given the volume on the list.

Anyway, it appears to me that Larry pointed you in the appropriate
direction (even though he didn't personally KNOW the answer) so that you
could at least get SOME help from the list instead of NONE.

(My advice would have been to look at the files in /etc/setup/:

cd /etc/setup
for $fn in *.list.gz ; do
echo $fn : `zcat $fn | grep "netdb.h"`


"Gerrit P. Haase" wrote:
> My dear friend, I have ALL the packages, i looked through (about 100 .tar.gz's)
> and found it at last.
> I could have spared my time, if YOU had told me, that it is in cygwin package,
> called cygwin.
> Why should i install some parts of the whole collection or the whole thing
> again, if there is only one file missing???
> Now, after i know yhis, i want to ask, why there is a netdb.h in the bind
> package, that is not included in cygwin collection, which is not compatible
> with other cygwin applications?
> Should i set all header files to read-only mode, to be sure? Would setup do no
> more overwriting then?
> However, thank you for your kind answer, Mr. Larry Hall.
> gph

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