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Re: SSH exception with cygwin 1.1.6

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 02:12:48PM -0500, Yadin Goldschmidt wrote:
>I run sshd directly as a service. When I upgraded to 1.1.6
>and connect to the server (on NT 4 sp6) an exception occurs
>although a connection still happens. I get a screen with id.exe on top
>which lists the exceptions. When I returned to use 1.1.5 everything is
>back to normal. I noticed that other people complained about this
>so it must be a 1.1.6 issue. I run openssh supplied with cygwin.

Hopefully we have not given anyone the impression that we are not
interested in fixing problems in cygwin.

The unfortunate fact is that we can't fix problems that we can't

"Me too" messages are really not going to be very useful unless someone
can help with the debugging.

So, if anyone is tempted to post another "Hey! It fails for me, too."
please take a minute to look through past messages in this mailing list
and provide, at the very least, the level of details that Corinna and
others have asked for.


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