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Two solutions for setup.exe windows hiding


I have two different solutions to the problem of windows in Setup.exe 
dropping behind other windows in the Z order that I had reported here 
recently (<>).

I can't really see much by the way of pros or cons for the two different 
solutions so thought I'd outline and see what peoples preferences are.


In, create an invisable parent window using the CreateWindow API 
call for the application.  Then all dialogs specify this as there parent 
window in DialogBox and CreateDialog calls.


In the message processing loop for each dialog, in the switch statement 
underneath the case for WM_INITDIALOG the following code is added:

	  return FALSE;

Either way seems to do the trick with no other impact.  Pros and cons?

I can provide patches for either for review if anybody wants this.

Planned other setup enhancements:
- Cache mirrors.lst.  Only reloads if more than three days old or refresh 
button clicked.
- File download resume.  Know how to do it for all except the NetIO_IE5 
object, so any pointers for that gratefully accepted.  Also: Any problems 
arise if NetIO_HTTP uses HTTP/1.1 instead of HTTP/1.0?


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