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Re: ediff falsely identifying a difference as white space only

Hi Bill,

On a slightly different topic but a similar one. Do you know where I
get a merge program for nt. I am looking for the 3 way merge of
unix/linux/gnu (native on nt).


Bill Pringlemeir <> wrote:
> >>>>> "Chuck" == Chuck Irvine <> writes:
>  Chuck> I'm trying to use vc-resolve-conflicts using ntemacs (20.7.1)
>  Chuck> and Cygwin (1.1.x). First I had to download the newestest
>  Chuck> version of ediff because the one that ships with ntemacs
>  Chuck> expects a version of diff(3) that accepts the -binary
>  Chuck> flag. Diff that comes with Cygwin doesn't accept this
>  Chuck> arg. After I installed ediff, I tried to invoke
>  Chuck> vc-resolve-conflicts on the attached file ( The ediff
>  Chuck> windows came up as expected, highlighting a single
>  Chuck> conflict. The problem is that when I moved to this conflict,
>  Chuck> ediff outputs in the mode line "Only white-space differences
>  Chuck> in region 1 in buffers A & B" which, if you look, isn't the
>  Chuck> case.
> I have an NT diff.exe that accepts a binary option.  I used the latest
> gnudiff source to make the file.  I don't know if that helps you.  I
> just looked at the latest ediff source ("") and it
> looks like they corrected what I just posted about 2-3 hours ago on
> this list.
> I am not having any problems diffing things now.  I have done diffs
> with visual source safe (using a different VC method).  I looked at
> some sources to merge VSS support into vc.el and vc-hooks.el, but it
> seems to be based on packages before the custom interface (19.34).  I
> had it half way there yesterday and then decided that I should merge
> it on my Linux system at home.
> In any case, I have "cmp.exe, diff.exe, diff3.exe, sdiff.exe" compiled
> with mingw that I would mail to you if you like.  Or I can attempt to
> diff the source, but I doubt you want to patch and recompile?!?  I
> will email them to you if you like.  They are probably more current
> than the cygwin stuff.
> fwiw,
> Bill

- Yigal

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