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Re: ediff falsely identifying a difference as white space only writes:

> I'm trying to use vc-resolve-conflicts using ntemacs (20.7.1) and Cygwin
> (1.1.x). First I had to download the newestest version of ediff because
> the one that ships with ntemacs expects a version of diff(3) that
> accepts the -binary flag. Diff that comes with Cygwin doesn't accept
> this arg. After I installed ediff, I tried to invoke
> vc-resolve-conflicts on the attached file ( The ediff windows
> came up as expected, highlighting a single conflict. The problem is that
> when I moved to this conflict, ediff outputs in the mode line "Only
> white-space differences in region 1 in buffers A & B" which, if you
> look, isn't the case.

Works nicely for me in Emacs 20.6.1, cygwin 1.1.4.

> I suspect that the problem might have something to do with those
> cursed "^M"s - I don't know. I suspect this because when I look into
> the *ediff-fine-diff* buffer, I see:

I don't see ^Ms in my buffer; it's using DOS coding system. Maybe you
need to adjust some coding system setting. On the other hand, maybe
they just didn't survive being MIME'd.

-- Stephe

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