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RE: Looking for volunteers to port Linux to Windows

Any one wants to give hand to Jeff to port virtual Linux Machine
run under Cygwin?  It will be a very interesting thing for Win32 users
something like vmware (but linux only) runing under Cygwin.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeff Dike []
> Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2000 3:01 PM
> To:
> Subject: Looking for volunteers to port Linux to Windows
> Hi, I'm the developer of User-mode Linux 
> (
> t), which is a port of Linux to Linux.  It produces a virtual 
> Linux machine 
> running on Linux, and it has a variety of interesting uses.
> UML is currently only runs on Linux, but it is a fairly 
> normal process, so 
> there's no reason it can't be ported to other operating 
> systems.  For a number 
> of reasons, Windows would be the most interesting platform to 
> port UML to.
> There is little to no Windows expertise among the people 
> currently involved 
> with UML.  I had some suggestions to approach the 
> Samba/cygwin crowds to see 
> if I could locate some people with Windows expertise who 
> would be interested 
> in doing the Windows port of UML.
> So, the point of this mail is to ask you to forward this 
> request to any 
> individuals you think might be interested or lists that you 
> think might be 
> appropriate.
> Also, any other suggestions about locating potential 
> volunteers you might have 
> would be appreciated.
> 			Thanks, Jeff

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