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Re: ediff falsely identifying a difference as white space only

At 01:22 PM 11/29/2000, wrote:
>I'm trying to use vc-resolve-conflicts using ntemacs (20.7.1) and Cygwin
>(1.1.x). First I had to download the newestest version of ediff because
>the one that ships with ntemacs expects a version of diff(3) that
>accepts the -binary flag. Diff that comes with Cygwin doesn't accept
>this arg. After I installed ediff, I tried to invoke
>vc-resolve-conflicts on the attached file ( The ediff windows
>came up as expected, highlighting a single conflict. The problem is that
>when I moved to this conflict, ediff outputs in the mode line "Only
>white-space differences in region 1 in buffers A & B" which, if you
>look, isn't the case.
>I suspect that the problem might have something to do with those cursed
>"^M"s - I don't know. I suspect this because when I look into the
>*ediff-fine-diff* buffer, I see:
>   ddsdfsdffadfs^M
>   dbbkk^M
>I'd really like to use ediff's conflict related functionality. Any help
>is much appreciated. Thanks
>Chuck Irvine

Since I don't know anything about ediff, its hard for me to speak 
definitively on this point but it would seem to me that this issue is 
with ediff getting confused by the carriage returns (^M).  Do you have
problem if the files being compared are binary?  Perhaps you need to 
better ediff??

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