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Re: [avail for test] ncurses-5.2-2 (CYGWIN=tty BROKEN?)

Christian Jullien wrote:
> First, thank you for your reply (my provider is considered as a spammer to
> cygwin list)

Chris just changed the spam-blocker so that anyone who is subscribed to
the list can post to the list, regardless of whether their ISP is on the
OBS list or not.  Try posting again.

> I found the probleme and now every things works well but a question remains:
> I used to set CYGWIN **inside** my .bashrc with
> export CYGWIN='binmode tty'
> setting it before bash call solves the problem.
> Am I wrong to want to set CYGWIN after bash starts ?

Yes.  (At least in the case of the 'tty' option.  That must be set
before bash starts.)

> > broken how?  examples -- what commands do you run and how do they fail?
> Lost in many commands in my log was a 'man ..'
> The easyest way to check this it to add export CYGWIN='binmode tty' to your
> .bashrc
> then, from a CMD.exe prompt:
> c:>bash
> Bash$set | less
> and your tty is broken

Okay -- confirmed.  (Now I also know what "broken" means -- it means
only that typed characters are not echoed to the screen).  However, this
"problem" occurs only when you do something naughty:  set CYGWIN=tty
after starting bash, and only if running bash in a dos box (does not
happen when running bash in an rxvt window).

> > Which program -- EmACT?  Does it trap SIGINT?  If not, then Ctrl-C
> > SHOULD exit the program. That's what Ctrl-C does.
> No raw() explictly traps interrupts and it **NOW** works well (thanks again)
> > No, you didn't.  CYGWIN-ROOT is D:\cygwin.  Now I am really confused --
> > is /usr/jullien (e.g. D:\cygwin\usr\jullien) a symlink to
> > /cygdrive/c/usr/jullien (C:\usr\jullien)?  Otherwise, I'm not sure how
> > /usr/jullien == /cygdrive/c/usr/jullien because the mount structure
> > doesn't seem to suggest that.
> Yes I have symlinks and my .bashrc contains
> # log on /usr/*
> cd `echo $PWD | sed -e "s|^.*\(/usr/.*$\)|\1|g"`
> HOME=`echo $HOME | sed -e "s|^.*\(/usr/.*$\)|\1|g"`
> Thanks for your nice cygwin contributions and the time you spent to reply to
> me.
> I'm going to check my port further.

Glad to help.


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