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Re: binary mode from non-Cygwin shells?

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> --- Antony Courtney <> wrote:
> >
> > However, if I run the same command from the Windows "Command Prompt"
> > (, I see:
> >
> > d:\users\antony>echo hello |od -c
> > 0000000000     h   e   l   l   o      \r  \n
> > 0000000010
> >
> > which seems to be inconsistent with the User's Guide.  The User's Guide
> > [...]
> You're confused.  Echo is a shell builtin even for  

Arrrg.  Sorry about that.  Actually, my original test used a different program
(ssh) that exhibited similar behavior to echo; I was trying to simplify the test
to the bare minimum.


> You will find that if you set CYGWIN=nobinmode before executing your
> example od will read in text mode and the \r will be eliminated.
> Or, if you use the echo executable found in the Cygwin/bin directory instead of
> the shell builtin the \r will not be written.

Nope.  If I leave CYGWIN unset, and run the Cygwin echo.exe explicitly:

d:\users\antony>c:\cygwin\bin\echo.exe hello |od -c
0000000000     h   e   l   l   o  \r  \n


Antony Courtney  
Grad. Student, Dept. of Computer Science, Yale University

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