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Re: g77 -mno-cygwin I/O problems in bash

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> --- Michael Lemke <> wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > > As for MinGW specific libraries, I will eventually get a round tuit.  The
> > > w32api and the mingw runtime are now released as separate packages from
> > Cygwin
> > > and when the update happens the list will be informed.
> >
> > Is there a way that I can compile the stuff myself?   I still don't see what
> > I need to
> > to do so.   Plain gcc package won't do I suppose.
> >
> Well, yes.  Get the

Thanks, downloaded it.  I will give it a try later, not tonight anymore.

> > And how does mingw as it comes with the net release relate to what is
> > on  Are these separate projects?  I really find this
> > confusing.
> >
> No, they come from the same source.  Yes, I understand the confusion.  Just
> remember that -mno-cygwin is a special cross case and that you have to have the
> supporting libraries for the target.

Well, I thought I understood this but your remarks below now confuse me :-(.

> > What I really like to do is build executables *under cygwin* that run without
> > cygwin1.dll.  I am not really interested in having a gcc (executable) that
> > works
> > without cygwin1.dll.
> >
> This is doable.  One way that I've found is to use chroot.

Well, isn't -mno-cygwin just doing this?  It switches search paths for
the libraries so the mingw libraries get pulled in (from /usr/lib/mingw)
before the cygwin ones.  And some other details (e.g. -D__MINGW32__)

Why would I have to recreate parts of cygwin like your instructions
(deleted for brevity) basically say?

> As always, most of what I've concocted is experimental and prone to error.
> I've used it to do just what you want.  However, YMMV.

No problem, I am just learning...

> Oh, I almost forgot the G77 specific library will need to be gotten from the
> GCC distribution from  You can throw the parts you don't
> need away.

And here the confusion is again.  *What* do I need from g77?   The gcc distribution
has everything to build g77.   What additional mingw specific things are needed?
In fact it is libg2c.a which doesn't come with the net release but most (?) of the
rest of mingw does come with the net release.  Would it be libg2c that causes my
initial problem with keyboard I/O?

Thanks again,

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