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Re: cvs end-of-line translation

--- Christopher Cobb <> wrote:
> I am getting whole-file conflicts where the only difference is the
> presence of ^M's in one version and not in the other.
> Does this have to do with how the end-of-file setting is set in cygwin?
> We have unix/linux clients and windows clients (with cygwin).  Cygwin
> and non-cygwin tools are used to edit files (i.e., tools which put ^M's
> into the files).
> How can I avoid whole-file conflicts?

Three methods:

1) Filter the text files so that the ^M is removed.
   a) Rename cvs.exe to cygcvs.exe
   b) Create a script named cvs that filters the files in a manner appropriate
      for you.  There are several ways to do it, none of which is more right
      than the other.
   c) execute cygcvs with the options passed to your script.

2) Remount you Cygwin mounts in text mode.
   a) mount -f c:/cygwin /          # you didn't give the `cygcheck -r -s -v'
                                    # output so I don't know what mounts *you*
                                    # have now.
   b) If you have true binary files being checked in and out of CVS then this
      won't work for you.

3) Get the cvs sources from the Cygwin mirror and rebuild it with automode.o
   a) configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --libexecdir=/sbin
   b) modifiy the Makefile so that the cvs.exe is created with the 
      /usr/lib/automode.o object
   c) make
   d) make install

Automode.o is a read in text, write in binary.  The alternative to this is to
change the code in CVS.  If you're updating binary files this might not work
for you.

The three options above may or may not work.  They are suggestions to try not
definitive methods of cure.


Earnie Boyd

---         <>         ---
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