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Hello World will compile and link but will not run.

I just installed Cygwin on my computer a few hours ago and tested out the
gcc for Cygwin.
I made the regular Hello program and typed
gcc Hello.c -o Hello

The compiler produced Hello.exe and when I typed in Hello, the program
should have ran but instead the screen printed
bash:  Hello: command not found.

I tested out some other programs and got similar results.  When tried to run
the program from DOS, it printed out Cygwin1.dll not found, which means I
have to run the program from Cygwin.  And I do have Cygwin1.dll of course.

This might be the result of an installation error.  I downloaded Setup.exe
into Desktop, ran the program from there and chose to do an Internet
Installation with a direct connection.   Everything was done automatically.

My computer is a 586i and I know that there are files with Cygwin for the
686i.  It might be possible that the programs are being compiled for the 686
instead of a 586, since I've ran Cygwin perfectly well on the 686's at my
school.  Or it might be possible that the Setup utitility messed up

Could someone help me out on this on?

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