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Why does scp leave ssh running?

When I run

scp somefile host:.

I am left with a copy of SSH running.  At first, I thought this was
because "scp" negotiated a connection with the remote host using ssh and
then left that connection open in the background in case I wanted to
perform more remote copies.  But experimentation has led me to believe
that each time I perform a copy, another ssh gets left running.  Also
interesting is that if I copy _from_ the remote computer to my local
computer, no copy of ssh is left running.  The problem is, on my W98
boxes, I cannot quit out of my bash prompt until I kill all of the pesky
ssh's left lying around.

I am running cygwin-1.1.6-1 and openssh-2.3.0p1-1.

1) Is this known behavior?
2) Is this expected behavior?
3) Does anybody care to see the output of cygcheck -s to consider this

I will track down and see if I can diagnose and correct the root of this
problem myself if nobody else has heard of it and/or nobody is working
on solving it.


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