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Re: access cygwin 1.1.4 from server

--- "Kirschner, Paul E.        UTRC" <> wrote:
> I want to make cygwin 1.1.4 accessible from a number of computers without
> doing a local install on each one. This will save tremendous time and disk
> space. I just need to access some of the utilities (perl, rsh) and compilers
> (gcc, g77) from a DOS window. I DO NOT NEED the added layer of "logging
> into" a UNIX-like environment. (In fact my use will be through a Win95
> application that can start batch files and cannot log in.) While DJGPP works
> in a DOS window that way through djgpp.env, I need the cygwin compiler and
> other utilities. 
> I tried just adding the proper paths in a DOS window but the compiler
> complains about C header files and crt0. 
> Is there an easy way to set this up?

Make sure that you mount the root directory on each machine.  Assuming you have
Cygwin located on \\foo\cygwin and you have \\foo\cygwin mapped to drive z you
would then need to `z:\bin\mount -s z:/ /'.  Other mounts you may wish to do
  z:\bin\mount -s z:/bin /usr/bin
  z:\bin\mount -s z:/lib /usr/lib


Earnie Boyd

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