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Re: Linking problem

--- Reuben Thomas <> wrote:
> > Here's the deal, you're addressing uninitialized pointers.  The addresses
> > you're addressing are changed by the mear moving of objects so that in one
> case
> > your addressing memory outside of the allocated memory for the process and
> in
> > the other case your addressing memory within the allocated memory for the
> > process.  You may even find that executing the "program that works" may
> give
> > SIGSEGV if started by gdb or even strace.  Often a program that SIGSEGV's
> will
> > not do so when started with gdb or strace.
> Is this really true? The executable isn't even getting as far as
> MainCRTStartup before crashing...

Please, also CC the list, I can't know everything and if I'm wrong someone
we'll correct me.  AFAI've experienced, it is true, YMMV.  As for not getting
to MainCRTStartup, the references must be in one of the DLL's that's loaded
before MainCRTStartup is executed.


Earnie Boyd

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