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libgcj Binary


I spent the weekend downloading your latest version of cygwin for an
assessment we want to perform for applying compiled Java to a specific
problem we are facing.

Why is there not a binary for LIBGCJ not included with the cygwin download?
(is it because it is not in a formal release state?)

Can someone in your organization send me a binary of what I need to install
with cygwin so that I can perform some tests using GCJ?  I attempted to
download the source for libgcj, but it was not obvious to me how I
could/should build it - after a few failed attempts.

If I can prove out that GCJ can solve a problem we have for an embedded
application, then I think we will want to proceed at negotiating a
"commercial" license of cygwin since the GPL license is not suitable to our
commercial software.

Any help or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

best regards,

Tom DeMaria
Motorola, Incorporated
Telematics Communications Group
iNav Distributed Navigation
Phone: 480.446.5230
Pager: 1-877-610-4135 -or-

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