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Re: Changes to gcc

--- Tim Chick <> wrote:
> Hi!
> A couple of simple questions, if I can find the answers out for
> myself how would I go about it?
> Are there any changes to the gcc source code to make it compile
> under cygwin?

Good question.  I don't know exactly the answer but yes I believe their are. 
You can find the source and patches here

> If so, are these changes being merged back into gcc?

I believe Mumit tried to merge the changes back into gcc, some have and some
have not been accepted.  Mumit is currently not active with this list, although
still subscribe I believe.

> Also, do any of these changes effect gcc if I were to use
> the source code to build on a different platform, say linux?

Assuming you're meaning a cross build, yes, it should be necessary for you to
apply these changes.


Earnie Boyd

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