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Re: How can I help, if I cn

I don't remember seeing a response to this.

--- Jean-Paul BLANC <> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Jean-Paul,

> I discover your product a few moths ago, and i istall it on my developpment
> machines for testing, but also for using some free features. It was useful
> for me.
> Now my question is the following. How can I add my contribution to your
> project.

What contributions do you have, changes to Cygwin or new ports?

> So let me know if I can help perhaps as QA for the begining.

If you wish to contribute to the Cygwin runtime the best thing to do is to
download the CVS source, keeping updated daily and submit your patches to
cygwin-patches.  All patches require a ChangeLog entry in the same format as is
already in the ChangeLog.  You will also need to complete the legal assignment
forms.  You can find links to CVS and to the forms at

If you wish to contribute and maintain a package built with Cygwin then you
need to use cygwin-apps.  Let us know what the package is, that you're willing
to maintain it and answer questions about it and wait for a response as to
where upload it.


Earnie Boyd

---         <>         ---
--- Cygwin: POSIX on Windows <> ---
---   Minimalist GNU for Windows <>   ---

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