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Re: Suggestion: commandline version of setup.exe or schedulable setup.exe

--- Jeff <> wrote:
> Love the new Cygwin installer, particularly it capability of updating
> portions of an installation that are creeping out of date.  Would 
> love it more if I could schedule update to run monthly/weekly/daily 
> to be able to make sure that I'm always up to date.  This would be 
> comparible to the IE or Netscape Autoupdate feature, 
> or the automatic upgrade features found in most virus checking 
> software.
> If you could build an update program that runs from the commandline,
> that would be sufficient.  I could easily run the program via a Windows
> scheduler if it had a command line only interface.  It would be even 
> friendlier if a scheduler was built into the tool, or if the tool was 
> Windows Scheduler-aware.

It would be cool if you did provide such a feature.  The ball is now yours. 
Don't pass it back, the goal will never be scored if you do.


Earnie Boyd

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