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Re: Missing inet_aton - Unsupported IP_HDRINCL

Hugh wrote:
> The problem is: I decided to port some short program that calls inet_aton.
> The function proto is in the header included in cygwin package
> cygwin\usr\include\arpa\inet.h
> #ifndef __INSIDE_CYGWIN_NET__
> unsigned long  inet_addr (const char *);
> int   inet_aton (const char *, struct in_addr *);   <<<======== HERE

I have implemented this now. It appears in the 20001125 developer

> Now lets go to the IP_HDRINCL (this has to do with cygwin (blame on
> Miscros**t) ). IP_HDRINCL is undeclared so i decided to declare it but
> cygwins dll complaints about this being an invalid argument for setsockopt,
> which is reasonable. 1)does it have something to do with most of the windows
> platforms (lets say winsocks) not supporting this option? 


> 2)Ive read only
> Windows 2000 (not even NT) supports IP_HDRINCL. Has anyone tried it on W2K?

It's not documented in MSDN.


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