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Re: g77 -mno-cygwin I/O problems in bash

--- Michael Lemke <> wrote:
> I've recently upgraded my b20 installation to the latest net release.  I am
> really impressed.  Great job!
> Here's a problem though that wasn't there in the b20 release.  Consider this
> simple prog:
> Work> cat test.f
>         character string*20
>         read( 5 , '(a)' ) string
>         print *, string
>         end
> If I compile this with
>    g77 -mno-cygwin test.f
> and run it in a bash window the program never reads the input
> from the keyboard.  Run in a simple MS-DOS window the prog works
> correctly.  The same also happens with READ(*,'(A)') ...
> However,
>    echo otto | ./a
> does work in bash.
> Oh, to make Fortran work at all with mingw I copied libg2c.a from
> Mumit Khan's site as that was the only mingw version I could find.
> However, the stuff there does not seem to be the same that comes
> with the net release in the /usr/lib/mingw directory.
> Any ideas?

As for the read problem, how is your CYGWIN environment variable set?  You
can't communicate properly with non-Cygwin programs with tty mode set.

As for MinGW specific libraries, I will eventually get a round tuit.  The
w32api and the mingw runtime are now released as separate packages from Cygwin
and when the update happens the list will be informed.


Earnie Boyd

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