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Re: Subscribers to cygwin mailing list can post regardless of spam blocks

On Sun, Nov 26, 2000 at 03:38:36AM -0600, Chris Abbey wrote:
>At 23:30 11/25/00 -0500, CGF wrote:
>>I hope that this will enable the vast majority of who are blocked by
>>ORBS to post here.  It won't help, of course, if you use an email
>>address that is other than the one you used to subscribe.
>while the reasoning is just and good, the side effect is to
>reduce the effect of ORBS. Without people getting bounce notices when
>they try to post they may not know that their ISP is being a bad
>netizen, if they don't know then they can't express their outrage
>either in writing or (much more effectively) with their pocket books.
>Would it be possible to still generate a note back to them? maybe not
>on every message, perhaps monthly? I mean if you're going to use ORBS
>why destroy the single most effective corrective thing it does?

Possibly, but it is not high on my list of priorities.

Basically, I have grown extremely weary of replying to "Hey you bounced
my email for no reason!" and "Would you please modify your software so
that I can send email to the cygwin mailing list?  Thanks!!!" messages.
I think that adding even an informational bounce will cause
clue-challenged people to complain.

I'm as rabid a spam hater as they come, but I don't think that most of
the people who receive this message are going to be on the vanguard of
spam fighting.

I guess there could be a huge number of people who are clueful and are
fighting the good fight when their ISP screws up.  I know that Chuck
Wilson has been doing this, for instance.  I guess the proof will be
if we actually start seeing an increase in the amount of spam here
that is going through open relays.


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