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[avail for test] ncurses-5.2-2

I've just uploaded ncurses-5.2-2 to sourceware.  It should be available
on the mirrors soon.  ncurses is still marked as a 'test' release, so
you may have to specifically select it in setup to install (see
INSTALLATION below).   This version works well for me, and incorporates
most of the suggestions I've received over the last three weeks.  It is
likely that this version will become "non-test" very soon.

Please refer to the "[avail for test] ncurses-5.2-1" message here:
for more information on the ncurses package (I'm not going to repeat it
all here).

CHANGES (from 5.2-1)

o Stuff is stripped.

o I gave up on building libncurses++ as a dll.  It doesn't work, and
needs serious help.  libncurses++ is provided solely as a static lib. 
However, the other libraries (libncurses, libform, libmenu, libpanel)
are provided both as dlls and as static libs. 

o resolved the known conflicts:
    termcap package /usr/include/termcap.h
       resolution:  5.2-2 installs its termcap.h as termcapn.h
    clear package   /usr/bin/clear.exe
       resolution:  5.2-2 installs its clear.exe as clearn.exe
If you installed 5.2-1 and clobbered your original termcap.h and
clear.exe files, then you need to FIRST install the new ncurses-5.2-2,
and THEN re-install the termcap package and the clear package.  (e.g.
remove the corresponding lines from /etc/setup/installed.db and run
setup again)

o PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read /usr/doc/Cygwin/ncurses-5.2.README for more
detailed information on the above points.

o updated the cygwin terminfo entry -- basically Earnie's "original"
version which appeared in 5.2-1, with some additional suggestions from
Ehud Karni:
point (2) only.  point (1) in that message is a cygwin issue (and is
probably a non-issue, according to JJ Farell):
Now, I can't get the linedraw characters to work no matter what I try
when running bash in a DOS box on win2k.  "D:\WINNT\system32\
con codepage select=437" seems to have no effect -- even when the system
reports that I am using cp437, I still get the so-called 'European'
character set (cp1250).  Oh well, I like boxes drawn with , , 3, U,
and A.

o updated the rxvt terminfo entry with some changes from rxvt-2.6.3.

o added rxvt-xpm, rxvt-color aliases for rxvt in the terminfo database

o added rxvt-cygwin and rxvt-cygwin-native terminfo entries
   These entries combine mostly rxvt stuff with the ACSC stuff that
Earnie worked out for Windows/DOS line graphics.  I tested these entries
under the following configuration:

1) X-Win32 Xserver, rxvt-2.6.2 from cygutils, 'TERM=rxvt-cygwin' using
the '-fn sabvga' font (which is available from
sabvga and the other fonts in that package provide the linedraw
characters that most windows fonts do not -- 'normal' windows fonts
provide the accented characters used by most European languages)  Looks

2) Bubba's native rxvt-2.7.2 port (,
'TERM=rxvt-cygwin-native', using the Lucida ConsoleP font (-fn "Lucida
ConsoleP-12" -- this is available from LuconP
is encoded as DOS codepage 437 by default -- this codepage includes the
linedraw characters -- rather than ANSI or a different national font.) 
Looks great.

Note that if you intend to use "rxvt-cygwin" or "rxvt-cygwin-native"
often, you should probably edit your /etc/termcap file; otherwise,
non-curses programs (like the existing vim package) will get really
confused.  I appended duplicate copies of the existing 'rxvt' entry in
/etc/termcap, and changed the names to these aliases.

If you're not concerned about the linedraw characters, or use a
non-codepage437 font, then 'TERM=rxvt' will work just fine in both
X-Win32+cygutils-rxvt-2.6.2 and in bubba's native rxvt-2.7.2.

If you use bash in a dos box, none of the preceding applies to you. 
Keep 'TERM=cygwin' and you'll be fine. (Except for those pesky linedraw
characters.  On WinNT, the LuconP font shows up in the cmd
properties/font list dialog; it does not show up in that dialog on W2K. 
I dunno why.  In any case, on WinNT, when selecting LuconP as the
display font for the dos box, I get *some* linedraw characters and
*some* , , 3, U, and A characters. Wierd.)

Don't let these wacky font problems discourage you; they're just
problems with *my* luconP font + dos boxen.



To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe
to your system.

Run setup and answer all of the questions.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE
choose a mirror site for your download.  The '' site
is badly overloaded.  It may be 24 hours or more from the time on this
message before ncurses-5.2-2 actually appears on the mirrors.

The setup.exe program will figure out what needs to be updated on your
system and should install the less package automatically. To install
this Test version of ncurses you'll have to tell setup.exe to
specifically install it by clicking on the arrows to the left of the
ncurses package line until "Test" shows up.  You may need to click on
the "Full/Part" button in the upper right corner of the the setup screen
to get ncurses to show up in the list.

If you installed ncurses-5.2-1, you may need to re-install the termcap
package and the clear package AFTER installing ncurses-5.2-2.  This will
be the only time you must do this.  Edit /etc/setup/installed.db and
delete the entries for those two packages, and then re-run setup. This
will restore the '/usr/include/termcap.h' file and the
'/usr/bin/clear.exe' file that ncurses-5.2-1 clobbered, if you didn't
follow the instructions last time around...

--Chuck Wilson

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