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Subscribers to cygwin mailing list can post regardless of spam blocks

I wanted to let everyone know that I've made an experimental change to
the software on which should allow you to post to
cygwin, or any other mailing list, if you are
subscribed to the list.

I hope that this will enable the vast majority of who are blocked by
ORBS to post here.  It won't help, of course, if you use an email
address that is other than the one you used to subscribe.

You can figure out the email address that you used to subscribe by
looking at the "List-Unsubscribe: " field in the headers of messages
that you receive from the cygwin mailing list.  This is what mine looks

Translating the '' part to '', you can see
the address that I used to subscribe.  This is the address that will be
used to determine if I should be allowed to post.  If the mailing list
software doesn't see this email address when I send email (and it
doesn't in my case), then my email will still be subject to spam checks.

(I could also, of course, unsubscribe to the cygwin mailing list by
sending email to,
if I wanted to.)

So, I hope that this helps people who are frustrated by their inability
to post to mailing list.

If you are still having problems and you are absolutely, positively
certain that you are subscribed to the cygwin mailing list and that you
are using the email address listed in the List-Unsubscribe: header, then
send email to with the *complete* text
of a bounce message.


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