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RE: setup.exe randomly minimizing...what's this? :)

Andreas Eibach <> wrote:
>Setup.exe v2.29 randomly minimizes when installing. Quite odd. :)
>Sometimes I think it just quit, then I see the 'Cygwin install' in the

It is probably the same problem that I reported about a week ago I think.

Setup doesn't actually minimise, the newly opened dialog window just drops 
to the bottom of the Z order of windows.  If you minimised all other 
windows you would find the dialog again.

I'm working on a patch as we speak.  Send me a private email if you want to 
beta test.

>I think it can be fixed by forcing the application to reside _over_ all 
>open windows.

This would be a pain actually, especially while it is doing slow downloads 
and I want to use my computer to do something else while it is running.

The solution I'm looking at is creating an invisible dummy main window with 
CreateWindow(), and have all the dialog boxes use it as their parent 
window.  Seems to be working okay, but need to check a couple of things in 
the Windows API help files which I don't have handy right now before I 

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