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Re: inetd, rlogin on W95

There's no need to send mail to my personal account. I'm reading
this mailing list all the time.

Ehud Karni wrote:
> But there is a way to make a program run even before Windows Login,
> (VNC does it). Here is the VNC registry (W95, it works):
> HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunServices
> "WinVNC"="\"C:\\VNC\\WINVNC.EXE\" -service"

Thanks for the info. I never saw that before.

> I had one complaint (remember - W95) The user who logs in (with his/her
> name and password) is ignored and the UID s/he gets is MINE. This may
> be irrelevant for file ownership but it is very important when this user
> do an rlogin to another (trusted) machine. There should be a way that
> Cygwin will has its own UID independent of the Windoz OS.

That's not a point for the Cygwin core developer team. Remember,
you're on W9x so you don't have real security at all. However,
if somebody want's to contribute...

> Any work is done NFS mount (like the mountd of Linux ?) that will work
> just inside Cygwin (unseen by Windoz) ?

Nothing I'm aware of.


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