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Re: inetd, rlogin on W95

On Wed, 22 Nov 2000 12:48:51 +0100, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> Ehud Karni wrote:
> > 1. inetd runs in a console window, I prefer it to run WITHOUT window
> >    or icon at all (I compile programs with -mwindows without changing
> >    main to accomplish this goal). Can it be run a service on W9x ?
> No. There are no services on W9x at all.

But there is a way to make a program run even before Windows Login,
(VNC does it). Here is the VNC registry (W95, it works):

"WinVNC"="\"C:\\VNC\\WINVNC.EXE\" -service"

> >    Just to clarify: The rlogind WORKED, the trusting mechanism did not
> >    work (it started by asking for password).
> This might be related to wrong permission bits. I will take a look
> into that when I have some time.

May be I did something wrong before, or a boot was required. Today it 
worked like a charm without any modification. It was successful in
1.1.5-7 and 1.1.6-1 (which I installed today).

I had one complaint (remember - W95) The user who logs in (with his/her
name and password) is ignored and the UID s/he gets is MINE. This may 
be irrelevant for file ownership but it is very important when this user
do an rlogin to another (trusted) machine. There should be a way that
Cygwin will has its own UID independent of the Windoz OS.

Any work is done NFS mount (like the mountd of Linux ?) that will work
just inside Cygwin (unseen by Windoz) ?


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