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Re: Expect for windows using Cygwin

At 03:09 PM 11/21/2000, Cliff Sobchuk wrote:
>Hi I am trying to locate the Cygwin port of Expect. I was directed to
>this site from the keeper of the server that previously held it, but I
>can not find it here. Can you point me in the direction where I can
>locate it?
>Thanks, Cliff.

Try the expect package in the "latest" directory at any Cygwin mirror.  Note 
that if you want to just pick and choose packages, you may have problems 
getting things to work.  Some packages have dependencies on others.  The 
supported approach is to download everything and use what you want.  You're 
welcome to do otherwise but you'll be pretty much on your own if you run into
problems.  This list is a little top-heavy with questions and very few of
us have time to track down problems in odd configurations.  Just as fair 


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