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Re: Recommendation on handling identifier name collisions?

--- Harold Hunt <> wrote:
> I'm a developer on the Cygwin/XFree86 project; I am running into identifier
> name collisions when I try to include both XFree86 and Windows headers in
> the same source file.  I'm wondering if any of the Cygwin developers have
> found a solution to identifier name collisions, as I figure that Cygwin
> developers have probably run into similar problems during the development of
> Cygwin.  XFree86 is compiled with C, so C++ namespaces are right out.  Also,
> any potential solution has to work for #defines as well as functions and
> global variable names...
> Don't worry about it if there is no known solution to this problem.

Are these collisions with the w32api headers?  Can you, please, give examples?


Earnie Boyd

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