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Re: inetd, rlogin on W95

Ehud Karni wrote:
> 1. inetd runs in a console window, I prefer it to run WITHOUT window
>    or icon at all (I compile programs with -mwindows without changing
>    main to accomplish this goal). Can it be run a service on W9x ?

No. There are no services on W9x at all.

>    Just to clarify: The rlogind WORKED, the trusting mechanism did not
>    work (it started by asking for password).

This might be related to wrong permission bits. I will take a look
into that when I have some time.

> 4. It seems the services and hosts are taken from the windows directory
>    and not form /etc. I can understand it for the hosts which uses only

These files are _the_ services and hosts files on Windows. Cygwin
doesn't use it's own functions for accessing these files but the
Winsock functions so there's no sense to have explicit own files
in /etc. However, to have easy access to the files, why not simply
create symlinks to them in /etc?

>    There is a minor bug in `getservbyname' - the memeber s_proto which
>    should be a string pointer is NOT (on W95). My guess it is a kind of
>    flag, it has the value 0x00000051 when there are no aliases to the
>    service, and 0x077D0051 when there are aliases.

Since the Cygwin `getservbyname' is the unfiltered Winsock
`getservbyname', I assume it's a problem in the Winsock function.

>    I think that implementing independent Cygwin /etc/services should be
>    fairly easy and straight forward. It can be conditionally implemented
>    using a value in the CYGWIN env variable. I'm willing to help in
>    doing this.

Thanks, but see above.


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