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Re: Compatibility problem: Cygwin make and makefile filename case

At 05:00 PM 11/21/2000, Frank Ellert wrote:
>Perhaps I didn't explain the problem right.  Make works on my system.
>But in some situatuations (example, see my first mail) it doesn't find
>a makefile it should find.  IMHO it's only a problem with different
>handling of LFN/SFN under Win 95/98.

Both Earnie and Chris have pointed out that this issue is most likely with
make and the file names it looks for.  Since its looking for specific names, 
its not doing so in a case-insensitive way.  If you'd like to see something
different, it is your option to embellish the current functionality.  
However, it seems quite clear (at least to me) that this is not a LFN/SFN
issue.  I'm just guessing but I expect that this issue won't be getting any
immediate attention from others on the list (I didn't want you to be holding
your breath!;-))

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