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Re: Compatibility problem: Cygwin make and makefile filename case

Earnie Boyd <> writes:

>Cygwin is emulating UNIX and IIRC the defacto standard for UNIX is for the make
>file to be named makefile or Makefile.  The GNU version of make has also
>allowed for GNUmakefile as well to allow for a native make and the GNU make to
>coexist in the same architecture.
>You have been given the source code and should be able to patch read.c of GNU
>make to do what you want it to.  Isn't Open Source great?

Thank you for your answer, but it doesn't solve my problem.

I work in a project that delevops a multi-platform (at the time of
writing for DOS, Win32, OS/2, Linux and FreeBSD) messaging client in
Pascal.  (The source is published but has a proprietary license.

We use GNU make to build the source on all platforms.  (With different
Pascal compilers, _not_ with GCC.)  We _don't_ use tar but some other

The problem is: We cannot make the sources completely 8+3-clean (for
DOS) since on one plattform (Win32 with Cygwin make) in some
situations a makefile called "makefile" won't be found.  So we have to
call the makefile "Makefile".

The other platforms (including DJGPP GNU make on DOS witch is also
LFN-aware) don't habe the problem.

>If you use the appropriate Cygwin tools to archive and unarchive the file then
>you won't have a problem.  Problems with non-Cygwin tools are not supported.

Is that really the last answer?

>It would be great if *you* fix that problem.

Of course I would submit a patch if necessary.  It should be rather
trivial.  (Not for me.  I would have to install the whole Cygwin
compiler stuff before being able to do that simple patch to make make
also look for "MAKEFILE".)

>" who has the Swing in itself, can no more in the equal step march. " Coco
>Schumann, Jazzer, survivor of the KZ Theresienstadt 

Is that good English?  If yes I would put it in my .signature in the

"Wer den Swing in sich hat, kann nicht mehr im Gleichschritt
marschieren." Coco Schumann, Jazzer, Überlebender des KZ

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