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Re: Compatibility problem: Cygwin make and makefile filename case

At 09:02 AM 11/21/00, Frank Ellert wrote:
>There is a compatibility problem with Cygwin-make and the makefile
>filename case.  Cygwin-make doesn't accept "MAKEFILE" (but "makefile",
>"Makefile" or "GNUmakefile") which is treated the same as "makefile"
>by (at least some) other LFN-aware tools, i.e. Info-ZIP's unzip and
>DJGPP ls.
>So if you call a makefile "makefile" and put it into a ZIP archive,
>there is the possibility that it is unpacked as "MAKEFILE" and
>displayed as "makefile" but Cygwin make doesn't find it.
>It was great if you could fix that problem by making Cygwin make also
>look for "MAKEFILE".
>I'm sorry, I don't read the mailing list.  So please reply to me
>And please excuse possible mistakes.  English is not my mother

The best response I can give you is that you'll need to provide a specific 
example along with the output of cygcheck -s -r -v.  Its hard to say whether 
this is a real problem or a configuration issue without these details.

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