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Re: setup request:

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 05:22:50PM +0100, Armin Sander wrote:
>> Not only is it low priority it is basically not doable.  Win32 prevents
>> setup.exe being replaced if it's open.  One could never rely on the setup.exe
>> being replaced being closed, so it's not worth consideration.
>There is a simple solution on all win-os's and filesystems. It is possible
>to clone setup.exe and 're-spawn' it for enabling patches to the main
>executable. I am using such a solution in a similar structured self-updating
>I may provide some delphi-source excerpts on request (easy to read'n'port).

I hate to be a broken record on the subject, but I would really
appreciate it if people would stop thinking "suggestions" and "examples"
and start thinking "checking out the source" and "providing a patch".

DJ is no longer on the cygwin project in Red Hat so his time to do anything
cygwin-related is very limited.  I am very grateful that he hasn't given
up on the project completely since his new day job is pretty demanding.

That means that posting examples and suggestions is not likely to have
much impact unless someone is willing to do the work.

I've been criticized for constantly harping on the "please provide patches"
theme but I am trying to illuminate a simple fact of life on this project.
We're programmer poor and need help.

"So, patches are gratefull accepted." (tm)


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