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Reason for cygwin GCC 2.97 non-bootstrap found

After much binary searching this weekend, I discovered the reason why
Cygwin hasn't been able to bootstrap since late August.  It currently
fails with a multiple segmentation faults in stage1 -- see:

It was a patch by Zack Weinberg committed on August 24th 2000 --  

2000-08-24  Zack Weinberg  <>

        * ggc-page.c (alloc_page): If HAVE_MMAP_ANYWHERE and we're
        asked for one page, allocate GGC_QUIRE_SIZE of them and put
        the extras on the free list.
        (release_pages): Clean up.
        (ggc_set_mark): Don't adjust G.allocated here...
        (sweep_pages): ... do it here.

Reversing this patch does allow current CVS cygwin to return to
bootstrap land.  Actually all you have to reverse is the first two
hunks (the define and the changes to alloc_page); the cleanup hunks
corresponding to release_pages, gcc_set_mark, and sweep_pages work

I have tried a few simple workarounds, but it appears that I am not
currently familiar enough with cygwin to attempt a workaround, so
unfortunately I have to leave it up to someone more familiar to fix the
Kelley Cook

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