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Re: setup.exe should remove the tar.gz files of old packages

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 01:11:09PM +0000, David Starks-Browning wrote:
>On Sunday 19 Nov 00, DJ Delorie writes:
>>>An 'rm -r' after installation should not be that big a deal.
>>Carefully making sure you're deleting the download area, not the
>>installation ;-)
>Or their Desktop! Or C:\! (Yeah, you can code around this, but are you
>sure there aren't *any* bugs?)
>Can't we just add a dialogue to remind the user that the *.tar.gz files
>remain?  Then they can decide whether to leave or remove it.

That seems reasonable.  The "setup complete" dialog could say "setup complete
files remain in c:\cygwin\latest" or something.

>It's a fair point that setup shouldn't "secretly" leave 100MB of
>*.tar.gz files with no obvious redeeming qualities.  But it seems a
>rather delicate matter to know what to delete and what not to, and not
>get it wrong.

If this was a "normal" type of install, you'd download the 100MB to your
hard drive and then run "setup.exe".  We don't do that.  With Cygwin,
you download a small setup program and it downloads all of the packages.
When you're done, the .tar.gz packages remain on your hard drive, just
like if you'd downloaded something from or something.

It's amazing how the bar keeps getting raised with setup.  Every
improvement results in moving on to a new set of complaints and


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